Warm black and whites

In keeping with my love for “vintage,” I’m working on warmer black and white edits. It’s a happy medium between sepia and stark black and white. This pretty girl makes a perfect model for it, too.


It’s finally spring, thank goodness, but it’s already jumped up to breathtaking (literally) humidity. Things I’ll never understand about Tennessee.

A walk in the park

A walk in the park

After a not so happy run-in with a not so friendly fella at our local park, I haven’t taken Cinnamon for a walk in awhile. To be completely honest, I’m a little nervous to go back to the park in my town because it’s generally empty, and last time I was there, a “sketchy figure” tried to cut me off where I couldn’t pass and followed me to my car. Needless to say, we ain’t going back.

We gave Edwin Warner a go, and Cinnamon loved it. She looks fairly calm here, which is the complete opposite of how she truly felt. In reality, she couldn’t quit wagging her tail and yipping and yanking my arm to go farther down the path. But she’s pretty good at sitting still for portraits, at least for a few minutes.

We’ll definitely be going back! Plenty of people, lots of green space, and beautiful scenery.


A warm, sunny afternoon with the horses



Yesterday was beautiful!


After working in the morning, running some errands in the early afternoon, and getting lunch, it was barn time.

In a fun turn of events, the barn was actually crowded when I got there. Usually, I hear rumors about people meeting and being at the barn at the same time, but I always seem to miss it. Apparently, I’m just going on the wrong days. So I strapped on my boots and put on a light jacket, and off I went.

I don’t know why I’ve never considered letting Glinda free run in the arena to get pictures before, but now that we’ve done just that, I think I’m probably going to start doing it more often. It gets a lot of her excess energy out, she loves it, and I love watching her gallop around the arena. I realize I’m biased, but she’s definitely the prettiest horse around.

I can’t help it.

It’s how I feel.


I hopped on her for a little bit, just to see how she’d act after three months of pasture rest (nothing is wrong with her – I just haven’t had time or energy to ride since late December/early January). She was perfect. A dream. She had some extra energy going into the canter, but I can’t blame her. All it took was me picking up my reins and dropping my heel a half inch and we were off – much faster than I anticipated. But we got ourselves under control, did some circles, and smooth sailed into a walk.

She’s the coolest horse ever.


I took some photos for a woman at the barn who wanted to free run her draft cross, and I’ll post those soon. Once we wrapped that up, I took Glinda’s tack off and let her go. Ignore the dirt and fuzz. We’re going through a rainy patch, but it’s warming up just enough for them to start shedding, so we’re in an awkward, cotton ball-esque phase right now. She’s cute, regardless.


For an older gal, she’s got some serious energy and spunk. No bucks or rears, oddly enough, but lots of sharp turns, gallops, and perked ears. You’d believe she just turned 24 last week.


I had dinner plans with some friends in the evening, but one came out to meet the horses and hang out until it was time to grab some food. This little guy wouldn’t leave Trevor alone — they became fast friends.


Pretty sweet. Definitely a great day of sunshine and happy horses. It’s raining, chilly, and dreary now, so no barn time today. But hopefully, fingers crossed, April will take a turn into heat and the rain will move out.

Happy Good Friday!

Rainy weekend

We’ve gotten nothing but cold weather, wind, and rain this weekend. Any plan I had of riding basically went out the window. But the rain cleared and the sun came out for just about thirty minutes on Sunday — long enough for me to book it to the barn, groom Glinda, and snap some shots of the horses before the rain came back.

It’s drenched the fields!

Fortunately, the horses all have their appropriate coats for the season.





A little bit of wisdom

“I really believe that as [Christian] believers, we’re called to show love to a hurting, dying world. But if we don’t even know what’s going on beyond our little bubbles, how can we do that?”

– Whitney Newby of Elm Street Life

If you haven’t read her blog, I highly recommend it. She’s a marvelously talented writer and her passion for Christ inspires me regularly.